• One-on-one

    Personal coaching “custom designed”: exercises matching your preferences and capabilities, always aimed at achieving your personal goals. You will exercise with more efficiency, more consciously and safely at a gym or at a location of your choice.

  • One-on-one at your place

    Do you have fitness equipment at your home, or do you need advice choosing the right tools? Do you have enough space at your home to work out but no equipment? Your coach brings a fitness kit for an appropriate training session. Working out in a park or swimming pool of your choice is also possible.

  • Group lessons

    Group lessons with only a few participants or private at a location of your choice? If you have enough space and the right tools, a variety of lessons is possible: pilates, aquarobics, BBB, body-shaping, Tai Bo, Zumba, Xco etc.

  • Nutrition analysis

    After a thorough analysis of your eating habits you receive clear guidelines and advice to conform your nutrition pattern to your goals. By combining sufficient physical activity with a balanced nutrition program, you can lose weight in a healthy way, build up muscle mass and improve the composition of your body.

  • Healthy weight loss

    Losing weight permanently without going hungry is possible only with the correct combination of nutrition and exercising. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Regular cardio (stamina) and power training, combined with healthier nutrition will put you on the right track. If you wish to lose weight in a healthy way, we’ll conduct nutrition analyses at regular intervals to give you feedback concerning you energy intake.

  • Condition training

    To improve your physical condition we propose cardio-vascular exercises: biking, stepping, running, rowing or swimming, combined with power and agility exercises. You will gain stamina and power but also speed and agility.

  • Power training

    Power training is relatively strenuous. The goal is to increase your strength and/or muscle volume. By applying suitable resistance and intensity, these exercises will cause your muscles to grow stronger, your strength to increase or you may slim down. Power training is an important element of seniors’ training.

  • Back ailments

    Specific stabilising and intensive abdominal and back muscle exercises help to improve the core of your body. We will intensify the harness of muscular tissue around your torso and make the spinal cord and the hip and shoulder joints more flexible. Your back will become more supple and flexible reducing the pain and increasing your exercising capabilities.

  • Children and overweight

    An overweight child can not develop properly. Food disorders and irreversible psychological problems often develop at the puberty stage. Regaining confidence is paramount when coaching your child. Your child will learn to enjoy exercising through different sports activities. We will guide the child (and sometimes also the parents) to a healthy nutrition pattern. Your child will learn to make the correct nutrition choices, making him or her to lose weight and maintain that.