• "No hands are more capable than those of Didi. Trying to get in shape? Lose weight? Tailor-made exercises? Her patience matches her knowledge. So; get in touch with Didi."

    —T.L., author
  • "As a busy entrepreneur, I’ve never found the motivation to go to a gym. So, I bought myself some fitness equipment and set it up at home. But even that turned out not to be enough; still I was lacking the motivation to work out. Until I got in touch with Didi. She is a true professional and good company, too. Above all, she is highly focused and she keeps track of my progress."

    —A.B., enterpreneur
  • "A year ago I was told to do something about my physical condition for a movie. With a personal trainer of my own choice. I ran into Didi Yordanova rather by accident. She managed to let me enjoy physical efforts in a gym, something I’d never thought possible."

    —W.H., actor
  • "Two years training under Didi’s supervision has taught me a lot. I’ve learned a great deal about healthy food. I never skip breakfast now, I eat regularly and I make healthy choices. Didi made it clear to me why it is important to exercise and she motivated me not to quit. More than that! She actually succeeded in making me enjoy it!

    Now I work out every week at the gym, the park or at group lessons like spinning or aerobics."

    —A.V., high school student
  • "I must be one of the worst athletes of the western hemisphere, and yet Didi managed to increase my strength and resistance exponentially in a very short time. She is dedicated, accurate and knows her job like nobody else. Moreover, she is a very charming and likeable lady, which is important when you spend a great deal of time together during a period of intensive training. I’m a fan. Highly Recommended!"

    —F.V., actor
  • "After my divorce I decided to change my life completely; to start living a much healthier life and to start exercising. But how do you set up a good, efficient training programme? Didi is the answer. After 6 months of intensive training I’ve changed from a lazy ass into a healthy person with the ideal weight and a body fat percentage much lower than before. Didi is a very nice and patient lady with a great sense of humor. Training with her is always good fun. Are you looking for lasting results on short notice? In that case I recommend Didi!"

    —L.F., entrepreneur
  • "Didi is both a great coach and a great person. It would be hard to catch her versatility and professionalism in just a few words.

    With an intensive sport coaching routine she succeeded in converting our teenage daughter’s negative energy into positive energy. In a short time span Didi helped to accomplish such a change of attitude that – in spite of all negative prognoses – our daughter finished her school year successfully.

    'Mens sana in corpore sano'"

    —D.D., a mom